The theology of the Mantel.

So, I’m young enough to not remember Vatican II and I remember being told when I was younger that many things changed because of the consul.  So, when I noticed that women used to wear head coverings and was told ‘we don’t do that anymore’ I thought very little more of it for years. Some

Are we the cause of ideas?

Do ideas come from within? Imagination is an imperfect model of what is perceive. Human Idea’s also are responses to our world view/personal model of reality, they are models created by the imagination and augmented by experience and further preception. So they are a shadow of or caused by something external, they are reflections of

The Lay of the land.

So I was talking about it with a friend and the attack of the enemy is so clear the whole thrust of his intent and the way he has driven his forces to beat down and tear at Gods church is obvious and this is what was in my mind. The plot begins in the


The claim: there should be a legal right to abort a pregnancy. I say:  Stopping a child being born destroys that entire persons life.  Abortion is wrong because it is murder and even if you don’t want to call it murder it is wrong for all the same reasons murder is wrong.  As a society we

A right by any other name might not exist.

There seems to be a lot of confusion in the world about a simple word that has a weighty yet easy  definition. So often we hear and see about ‘rights’.  The ‘right’ to abortion, the ‘right’ to gay marriage,  the right to work, the right to an education, the right to life. Many people now