The objectification of the person.

How many sad new articles have I read.  About young girls being pressured to have sex, or to send nude pictures of themselves, about women treated not like people, but like things to be used and then thrown out.

How is it men learn that this is an acceptable way to behave that using women is the way the world should be?  The short answer is the culture all around them.  Have you watched the movies lately, how many ‘one night stands’ and ‘hookups’ are blitzed in front of the American teens who are told this is the way you should be.  However again , why are the movies that way , why are they so acceptable and pass without even a flinch,  well,maybe a wink.

I guess the thing that interests me is not so much the fact there is sin and evil in the world.  That is always a given , but it is the utter hypocrisy of so many people who condemn the actions of the men while at the same time promoting and exposing all the attitudes that create and encourage their behavior.  I suppose these folks are legitimately deceived, so I’d like to present to you something that might help you changing these horrifying situations.

Stop Objectification.  A person should not be allowed be treated as an object, It is exactly the treating of women as objects that is being condemned in the behavior of these men.  In fighting the campus rape culture, in fighting against teens being exploited , sex slavery , spousal abuse, the thing that is being fought is exactly people not being treated as people, but instead as things ,to be used.

So let me say it again, Stop objectification, no one has the right to objectify another, people should not be bought and sold, even if they do so willingly.  This is exactly the danger in the option underlying the phrase , ‘my body ,my choice’.  No it is not your choice to sell yourself, or to be sold, it creates a culture, where women are exploited and even taught to seek exploitation.

So, where does all this begin.  It begins in our attitudes towards sex and sexuality.  It the 60’s and 70’s there was this idea of ‘free love’ that sex should be free and fun, without consequences.  It was of course in turn ushered in by the legalization and wide spread acceptance of chemical birth control.

You see the effect of all of this is the attempt to remove ‘people’ from sex.  First you remove the baby that sex might create, then you ‘sterilize’ the act and now, rather then being about making family, sex becomes about me ,myself, how I can use someone else for my pleasure, or how they can be used by me.  The natural effect of the birth control mentality is exactly the objectification of women that ends in a society where rape is ok and women are beaten and exploited as objects.  They are taught, and the men raised with them are taught that the purpose of our gentiles is selfishness and entertainment, their gentiles and therefore there bodies are merely objects to be used however they want.

Much of this is done in the name of ‘freedom’ for women. Making them free to sell themselves, and be used, or to use themselves and be users.  The old saying used to be ‘making women able to have sex without consequences like men’.

So if you want to fight the ‘rape culture’,  if you are appalled by boys asking for nude pictures on the first date and by people being treated like objects.  You need to oppose, the sexual revelation, abortion and contraception because the attitudes that bring those things into being are exactly the cause of the later actions.

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