Are we the cause of ideas?

Do ideas come from within?

Imagination is an imperfect model of what is perceive.
Human Idea’s also are responses to our world view/personal model of reality, they are models created by the imagination and augmented by experience and further preception.
So they are a shadow of or caused by something external, they are reflections of something real.
So what does that mean for ideas of good and evil.  Are they not the same?
Good and evil are realities that exist independent of the human mind.  We only have a concept of good and evil because we experience some
greater reality that is cause of that idea, just like any other.  Otherwise good an evil would have to be something very strange indeed.  Something we imagine that is not caused by or related to something we perceive.
Angels and demeans inhabit the realm that is not physical but they are very real.  They inhabit a realm where good and evil is visible, tangible in a way where it is not to moral beings.
So , what intersect to they have with the real of ideas? Is it possible they are of the same substance, perhaps good and bad ideas are each correspond to good and bad spirits of some kind.

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