The Lay of the land.

So I was talking about it with a friend and the attack of the enemy is so clear the whole thrust of his intent and the way he has driven his forces to beat down and tear at Gods church is obvious and this is what was in my mind.

The plot begins in the 1400’s with Martin Luther and his call of ‘en sola scriptura’.  He taught that ‘by scripture alone’ are we to know and love God and no one has the authority to interpret scripture for someone else.

Logically then freedom is ‘The ability to read scripture and decide for oneself what it means’ or more developed ‘The ability to decide for yourself what is right or wrong and do what you choose’.

That is to say the ability to pick your own truth among many truths , or rathe’sr to pick what you believe, because there is no absolute truth , not really even a God or at least not one that cares what you believe or do.

The Fruit of this plot began to truly blossom however in the late 50’s bleeding into the 60’s with the ever widening acceptance of artificial contraception and the contraceptive attitude.

The attitude that sex exist for me because it feels good and no one should limit what makes me feel good.  So marriage rather then being a holy calling given by God for the service of society and Church , becomes a contract for mutual support and sexual pleasure.   The devil by obscuring the real life giving selflessness of marriage, was able to break the bonding power of the sacrament and just like the people in the book of acts who didn’t receive the holy spirit because they were only baptized in the name of the father.  So married couples are denied the holy spirit that bonds them because the central act of marriage, the proper form of the sacrament has been violated , and instead of being about life and fertility has become about self and selfish pleasure. So children are a burden and the only way for women to be free is to be able to abort there children.  Only 10 years after the acceptance of birth control the divorce rate was 50% and men are more and more not taught how to be fathers because their fathers are absent and marriage is about what I want so logically why shouldn’t it be for those who want sex with members of the same sex.

Now so many men don’t know what father means, that was the real goal , because if there are no fathers, where will the priests come from.  If there are no catholic families where will the church grow, the decimation of the family in western civilization is exactly the cause of the shortage of priests.  Where can the celibate vacation come from if not the fertile one?

So if you want to fix the priesthood, first fix the family and to fix the family you must end the contraceptive attitude in the church.

Unfortunately too many churchmen have fallen into Martin Luther trap of, thinking ‘nobody like to be dictated too’ and so we have ‘Catholics’ in high offices who publicly support abortion who promote birth control and participate in the destruction of the family and little or nothing is said by our bishops.


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