Coffee and God or The goodness of recognizing weakness

so I sat savoring each sip of my coffee without sugar this lent and I had this random musing…

2 things I need so badly .. God and coffee.  I try to think I can do without one and it doesn’t go very well.  So I’m thinking about God and the similarities.

I know it’s not nearly the same but here I sat at nearly 4 pm drinking coffee after trying not to have any for 3 days and I could barely move or stay awake.  so I gave in and felt my body awakening.  It was saying ‘why have you deprived me’

I don’t even mind the lack of sugar.

Ah, this is only a small drop in comparison to how much my soul relies on continual prayer for it’s life’s breath.

So.. In my weakness I admit my great need for both.  Thank you Jesus for the gift you give this sleep deprive person in coffee.  In charity to my family, friends, neighbors I will continue to drink my coffee and reIny on Jesus.

Prayer quickens to soul, coffee quickens the body.

In my weakness you are strong.


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  1. Chistopher Fish

    I like this

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